Angry Ram Fresca


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Day Spring Dairy Angry Ram Fresca (5 ounce container)

"After experimenting with various chilies, Greg settled on roasted Habañero peppers to provide the mouth searing burn that gives Angry Ram its tremendous punch. Combined with our sublimely creamy fresh spreadable sheep milk cheese and ripe red poblano peppers for a sweet fruity flavor, Angry Ram is highly addictive and a must have for any serious chili aficionado. We use locally grown Alabama peppers whenever possible. Fresca means "fresh" in Italian which seemed the perfect name for our fresh cheeses."
—Day Spring Dairy 

Ingredients: Pasteurized Sheep Milk, Roasted Poblano & Habanero Peppers, Sea Salt, Lime Zest, Enzymes, Culture

Size: 5 oz.

Made by: Day Spring Dairy in Gallant, AL

Day Spring Dairy Angry Ram Fresca (5 ounce container)