Magnesium Bar Soap - 4 oz Lavender


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Our hand-made Magnesium bar soap is made with all natural ingredients, using our own magnesium and aloe blend. The six base oils used in our soap have been chosen based on the benefits they provide to the skin. All are moisturizing in their specific quantities. These six base oils have also been chosen and formulated to work together in creating a gentle, stable lather. Our soaps have been made with no colorants, no fragrance oils, and no chemical additives. Our soaps are made with the highest quality essential oils which aid in the soap’s already beneficial nature. The essential oils’ scents are soft and gentle, not overpowering. Lavender essential oil is a calming, anti-inflammatory oil. It soothes skin while moisturizing. Its antioxidants also help to rejuvenate the skin. Lavender is also emotionally calming.