Expresso Whipped Honey


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Welcome coffee and honey lovers. Enjoy Gourmet Expresso Whipped honey with celebrated Puerto Rican espresso coffee taste and energy. It’s creamy, sweet raw American whipped grade A clover honey at its best. It’s one of the few sweet and bitter relationships that’s worth keeping.

We craft fine and medium espresso powders from the richest Puerto Rican espresso coffee. We also chill and churn raw clover honey into a thick and light creamy Whipped Honey. Together, Expresso Whipped Honey is a marriage of top-performing culinary stars. Together, these will provide you with a sweet buzz.

Our raw clover honey is unprocessed Grade A American honey. Because of this, you will enjoy the nutrient and vitamin benefits that are stripped from processed honeys.

We source our clover honey from Georgia and South Dakota. This non-GMO product has zero additives and is never heated nor treated.

Net Weight: 3oz

Ingredients: Grade A Clover Honey, Bustelo Freeze Dried Expresso Powder (ground and non-ground), Columbian Coffee Beans