Bee Lemonator Honey Cocktail Mix


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Organic Honey Lemon Apple Cider Drinking Shrub Organic lemons, honey apple cyser vinegar, organic ginger, turmeric and ground black pepper in a flask. It's a prebiotic & probiotic and a flavorful tonic to start your day, enhance your water, hot teas, soda waters or cocktails. Great For the Gut This unique combination of prebiotics & probiotics gets the gut moving. It’s alive with raw honey, fruits, herbs within a special apple honey vinegar reduction, both tasty & healthy. With 70% of your immune system living in your gut, customers can now take care of their gut and have something great at the same time? Serving Suggestions As a concentrate, combine 1/2 – 1 ounce servings to 8 ounces of sparkling water or a cocktail. Perfect for honey and lemon lovers. Add an infusion of organic ginger, organic turmeric and ground black pepper, and you have this. A Clean Product No raw sugars, additives, preservatives or sulfites. They are also non-GMO & gluten free.