Fit For a Queen Honey Superfood 8 oz


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It’s a Personal Fortress Powered By Nature Fit For a Queen Honey Super food is a powerful collection of bee hive super foods designed to build your immunity, strengthen your body, nourish and protect your inside a and battle the elements. Straight from the hive, each jar contains your personal army of raw honey, royal jelly, bee propolis, bee pollen and honey comb* Royal jelly is a miracle of nature consumed by the queen bee – helping to extend her life and quality of health. It acts as a natural form of brain fuel and insulin. Propolis has remarkable abilities to assist in fighting colds and upper respiratory tract infections. It also quells viruses, bacteria, microbes, fungus and flu-like infections. Bee pollen, helps with allergies, relieves inflammation, reduces stress, eases menopause and strengthens your immune system. The eight ounce jar contains honey comb. Our pure raw honey and honey comb are unprocessed, unfiltered and comes from trusted sources.